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Buds, Books and Accountability


I think by now we have an understanding that I love reading books and clearly talking about them. As much as I enjoy taking the time out of my busy day to dive into a good book I also have adult responsibilities (I know right… ugh!).

If you’re anything like myself you get extremely excited about simply walking through a bookstore. I am an avid book collector and I can also overwhelm myself with my desire to read so many books all at once. In order to pace myself I sort of fell into a “book club” with my bestie. Here’s how we make it work:


Well sometime around 2014 one of my best friends and I began reading books together. This helped a lot because a few years prior I moved away from my hometown and I didn’t get to see her as much. This gave us a chance to have more to discuss on our daily calls… as if we needed more to discuss. She is a best friend that I can stay on the phone with for hours and still miss, so no we didn’t need anything extra to talk about however we both share a deep admiration for books. Starting this “private book club” with her also gave me a new perspective on different genres. I am a mystery/ thriller fantasy type of reader and she is a romance/historical who I’ve pushed into the mystery realm.


It was important for me to form this type of bond with someone because I tend to make reading goals for myself that in the past I almost never accomplished. Now that she has become my book accountability partner I have to read the book to engage in the conversation. There are only two of us so I can’t “fake it” to get by or just read the spark notes. We make a plan; our plan consists of us mapping out the number of pages, looking at how heavy both of our schedules are (both very busy mama bears), and finally splitting the pages evenly over about a month. After so many chapters we come back to discuss. I know what you’re thinking, “So a book club Jess?”. Essentially yes, it’s a book club. Though it’s a book club with someone I enjoy and who will respect our pace. Someone who I know shares my same excitement and thrill for the reward of what a good book can offer. Most importantly someone who understands my busy schedule and won’t rush me to finish while still holding one another accountable. So, if this sounds like something helpful, take your time to find your bud, a good book, and watch your accountability.

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