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What Writing 1 Children's Book Taught Me About Self Publishing

If you’re like me when I began that journey of self publishing you are completely terrified and overcome with self doubt. You are shying away from asking questions because, “what if I’m just not made out for this?”. I can recall even after having written the book, completing the publishing, hosting a book signing and getting pretty good reviews still feeling terrified by the question “so how’d you do it?” The truth is I had to take a step back from the project all together to contemplate what I could have done differently. I mulled over whether I wanted to write another and was it even worth it. I thought about how I would want to reinvent myself if I were to continue down this path as an author. I truly adore writing and even more I adore helping others. So… you want to write your first book and self publish? Start with imagining your outcome. No matter how big the aspiration, picture yourself there. Once you’ve decided the future setting go and map out how you want to get there. Break it down into steps that you can accomplish without feeling defeated. Seeing your end goal will help others to help you make your way. Others? Yes others, ask questions and pick the brains of those who have done it before. Pick the brains of others who had a bumpy start and those who accomplished their self publishing goal. Don’t give up no matter how long it takes because “quitters never win and winners never quit”. Above all write what you feel, write the story you want to tell, write what brings you the most joy and relief.

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